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Registration Type Early-Bird早鳥 Regular一般 Onsite現場
~2020/01/17 2020/01/18~2020/8/4 2020/09/04~06
Local Delegate
NT$1,500 NT$2,000 NT$2,500
Local Student
NT$1,000 NT$1,500 NT$2,000
Local Member of PIDST
NT$1,000 NT$1,500 NT$2,000
Overseas Delegate
NT$5,000 NT$8,000 NT$9,000


  • Local Delegate fee
    Participants from Taiwan, please select correct Nationality, and you will be asked to fill in your ID number台灣與會者國籍請選擇台灣,並且填寫您的身份證字號以備查驗
  • Local Student fee
    Participants who choose Local Student will be asked to upload a valid proof of identity such as scanned student ID onto the registration system台灣學生優惠價請上傳學生證、在學證明,實習醫生及住院醫師請上傳含職稱的院發識別證、在職證明或其他有利身份證明文件以備查驗
  • Local Member of PIDST
    Member of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan, please upload a valid proof of identity such as scanned payment receipt of 2019 membership fee or your certificate of membership in pediatric infectious diseases onto the registration system台灣兒童感染症醫學會會員請上傳2019年會員繳費證明或是您的會員證書以備查驗
  • Registration is only valid upon receipt of full payment, and please complete your payment as soon as possible, the registration fee will change along with each deadline period經大會確認完成繳費後才表示報名手續完成。提醒您註冊完畢後請盡速完成繳費,繳費金額會依照各時段截止日期而發生變化
  • Please check the Visa Information from the following address to make sure your legal stay period in Taiwan請由以下網址進入查看您國家或地區的簽證辦法 http://www.mcv2020.com.tw/VisaInformation.html

Social Events

Payment Type 付款方式

  • Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard and JCB are accepted
  • Wire Transfer: Please upload your proof of payment back to the online registration system as soon as possible, and it will take 5-7 working days to check the payment with our bank. 請在完成電匯後將您的匯款證明上傳至報名系統的Proof of Payment
  • Wire Transfer Information電匯資訊
    Account Name
    Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan
    Bank Name
    合作金庫銀行(006) 臺大分行
    Bank Account 帳號 1346-717-035531
    Swift Code 國際代碼 TACBTWTP
    Bank Address
    B1 No.7 Jhongshan S. Rd. Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C)

Cancellation & Refund Policy 退款辦法

In response to the postpone policy, all registrants for irresistible caused due to the outbreak of 2019 novel coronavirus in China that are not able to attend “MasterClass in Vaccinology 2020” in September 5-6, 2020, can apply for registration fee refund(100% but not include the exchange difference and Handling fee) with valid proof (flight cancellation certificate, travel regulation of your affiliation, etc.)

Notification of cancellation must include proof of irresistible caused that is showing the reason why are not able to attend the event, and request for refunds must be sent in writing to the MCV 2020 Registration Office before June 30, 2020. (After June 30, 2020, no refund will be applicable)

  • CLICK HERE to download the Official Cancellation & Refund Policy in PDF file.

Key ContactMasterClass in Vaccinology 2020 ∣ Secretariat
Johnny Chang 張洋銘
Tel: +886-2-2798-8329 ext. 40
Fax: +886-2-2798-6225
Email: mcv2020@elitepco.com.tw

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